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Back-up Solutions 

Are Your Important Documents Being Backed Up?

Business – Class Online Backup

VBM Online Backup uses cutting-edge technology to automatically backup PC, MAC and Windows Server files to a local external Hard Disk Drive and to VBM’s DataVault.

The VBM Online Backup is an affordable way for Small Businesses to feel confident that their irreplaceable data files are stored off-site, automatically, with oversight provided by the top IT Data Backup and Disaster-Recovery experts in the Mat-Su Valley.

There are hundreds of Internet and “cloud” based backup services available, here’s why leading Alaska Businesses and Healthcare Providers trust VBM for data security:

VBM has been providing Off-site backup that is stored at our facility since 2006...we know what products and methods work and are continually adjusting for the most reliable data protection.

VBM Online Backup only transmits what changes that it sees to your data, instead of transmitting an entire backup. This allows for backups to be taken more frequently, even during the day while you’re operating.

All off-site data is stored at our facility, not “somewhere on the Internet”.  Many of our customers have enough data that if they had to download their data from another internet backup system, it would take multiple days to recover their business data.  Our customers have multiple options for retrieving their data, such as:

  • Call our dedicated IT Helpdesk and we can send you select files via email or direct download.
  • If you have a PC failure, come by to pick up your data that we will have ready on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Disk, or portable Hard Disk Drive, and drop of your broken PC or server for repair at the same time.
  • Have VBM deliver your data to your organization.
  • In the case of a PC or Server failure, have VBM deliver a new or “loaner” PC or server with your data already loaded, and repair your damaged system at the same time.

Location plays an important role in our customer’s choice to use VBM; Most of our customers are within an hour’s drive of our main office, allowing us to rapidly deliver their critical business data, no matter how big it is.  For other Alaska customers located outside of Mat-Su or Anchorage, we can still ship their data to them faster than any business in the Lower 48.

The most important feature VBM Online Backup has is Service.  We specialize in data protection and system restores with a focus on getting your organization functioning again as quickly as possible.  Unlike other Internet Backup systems, VBM provides complete competent service with the goal of getting your business operational again, not just telling you that you can download your files from our website and “good luck”.

Especially with Servers, Email Systems, and Database-applications, just restoring files is not enough; Business Systems require expertise to get your information working again after a failure, and VBM has that expertise.

VBM Online Backup is $10/month for MAC and PCs, and includes 10 GB of storage.

VBM Online Backup for Windows Servers is $75/month, and includes 75 GB of storage.
Both plans charge only $0.50 per GB overage fee per month.

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